Communication with you and your general practitioner or specialist 
  • When you attend the clinic for the first time you will be asked to complete a registration form, which includes to whom information may be sent. 
  • You can also indicate whether you want us to summarise your consultation and treatment with your referring doctor or your GP.
  • If you attend with a partner, we will treat you as a couple. You will have a joint medical file, which means you will both have access to health information about your treatment.  More

After each consultation your Fertility Associates doctor will usually write a letter to your general practitioner or specialist – generally the person who referred you to us. This will outline your consultation and any recommendations for further investigations, treatment options, or management of your situation. If you have just
had treatment we will tell your GP/specialist how the treatment went.

  • If you do not want any information sent to your GP or specialist, please inform us and we will not send letters to them.

A copy of the letter is usually sent to you too. If you are unclear about what is said in the letter or if the management plan is not clear, please ask the Fertility Associates staff to explain.  More can be found here

For more information about your Medical Records, Privacy and Rights please click here.
Being informed

Fertility Associates is committed to ensuring you know what will happen before any examination or treatment is carried out and that you understand what is involved.

We have written information available about all treatments in our magazine “Pathway to a Child”, our Fertility Fact Sheets, and here on our website. If you would like more information about a particular treatment, please ask one of our team.





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