• COVID-19 Update 8 March 2021

    8 March  - Latest update: Following the latest Alert Level Changes - we continue to provide treatment across NZ.  With Auckland in Covid-19 Alert Level 2 and the rest of the country in Alert Level 1 we will be applying the following precautionary measures: COVID & Pregnancy Advice & Webinar - 10 March - Mo...

    28 February 2021

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  • Covid Update 28 Jan 21

    COVID-19 Update on Clinic Precautions Please do not come to the clinic: If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms OR have attended any of the locations of interest listed on the MOH's website here.  Cold and Flu symptoms include:  a cough, a high temperature (at least 38˚C) shortness of breath, ...

    28 January 2021

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  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: What to Expect from the Diagnostic Process

    As we discussed in our previous blog post, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition where imbalance of female hormone levels (oestrogens), and male-type hormones (androgens) leads to various combinations of symptoms including irregular periods, acne and/or unwanted hair growth (hirsutism) and sometimes fertil...

    27 August 2020

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  • COVID Update - 11 Aug

    Just a quick update as Auckland moves into Covid-19 Alert Level 3.  We will resume our precautionary measures to reduce the number of people in the clinics at any one time, whilst also preserving social distancing.  As of tomorrow - Weds 12 August all clinics are open for patients with the following: Treatments...

    11 August 2020

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