Fertility Treatment at Alert Level 2

Our team have been committed to providing treatment throughout the Alert Levels and Auckland has been able to continue all treatments over the past month.  Now that Auckland moves to join the rest of the country at Alert Level 2 on Mon 31st August:

  • We again welcome one support person at the time of egg collection and embryo transfer
  • ask that no children attend the clinic as we do want to limit numbers into the clinic at any one time
  • and also encourage masks to be worn at the clinic. You are welcome to bring your own personal mask or you can ask our team and we are happy to provide these.
  • We continue to provide consultations in person with our team of specialists at the clinic; we will continue to offer the option of virtual consultations if you find this more preferable

To ensure we continue to operate safely for our patients and team, we will continue with our approach to PPE and distancing – we will still be wearing masks for close contact and will continue to ask our precautionary questions around health and contact.  




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