• AMH - Understanding the results - Dr Mary Birdsall

    To help with the questions around AMH - Dr Mary Birdsall has written a blog on the AMH and results. About the AMH Test  AMH stands for anti mÜllerian hormone and is produced by the medium sized immature eggs in the ovaries. It is a powerful test because it gives an indication of likely menopausal age, likely repro...

    20 February 2018

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  • Dr Dean Morbeck: The Importance of EmbryoGlue during an IVF embryo transfer

    EmbryoGlue - The Glue that Brings it All Together Dr Dean Morbeck, Scientific Director, Fertility Associates outlines why EmbryoGlue is so important during the Embryo Transfer during an IVF cycle.  The final step of your IVF journey in the clinic is your embryo transfer.  At Fertility Associates, we use an embryo ...

    24 April 2018

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  • Fertility & Mediterranean Diet

    Can the Mediterranean diet improve your fertility?   You can’t eat your way to a baby, but diet can improve your chance of conception both naturally and using assisted reproductive technology such as IVF.  Several studies have shown the benefit of a Mediterranean style diet for both men and women.  A Mediterranean...

    27 April 2018

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  • Endometriosis & Diet - Dr Mary Birdsall

    Endometriosis and Diet To date endometriosis is a disease that impacts many women’s lives and medicine has offered little besides surgery, pain killers and hormones. And unfortunately, a cure is still a long way off.   Many women are living with considerable symptoms and are looking for lifestyle modifications tha...

    19 April 2018

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