Patient App Salve

12 August 2020

We are very excited to roll out our new patient app to our Auckland clinic.  The app will be available for Auckland patients initially - with a wider roll out planned over the next few month to the rest of New Zealand.

The app is called Salve and can provide:

  • Message chat - direct link to your team at FA
  • Your appointments - detail, timing and reminders
  • Your medication - detail, timing, reminders and a tracking tool when you take it
  • Your treatment info - relevant sections from our Pathways booklet
  • Your relevant documentation

It is your treatment guide on the go - and keeps all your fertility info in one place. It even pulls through past treatment and medications.

Clinic coded: Auckland and Dunedin

  • Download the Salve app - from your app store - please note this app is only for patients at the Auckland and Dunedin

How to download: 

  • Create an account using the details we have for your - email and phone - we can only use 1 email and 1 phone number per person (couples cannot share the same phone or email address)
  • Enter the SMS and email codes you receive - this will link you to your patient record
  • If you have any questions or issues as you download the app - you can email and our Salve team will help you.

The app is additional to the personal care we provide. And our team can be contacted by the app or by phone.

Download the 

Outside Auckland - we are rolling the Salve app out to all clinics over the next few months. So you will see the app at your clinic too.